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Lowes Air joins the AHIA

20 July 2023

Lowes Air is proud to be a member of the AHIA .  Lowes Air is the aviation specific service business, established to provide dedicated solutions to the general aviation industry.

The AHIA is an important industry association and as part of Lowes air commitment to General Aviation in Australia we feel it is important to support the AHIA.


Flight Training and Flight Testing for Aerial Mustering Endorsements.

27 January 2023

The AHIA is pleased to confirm that CASA will release an Aerial Mustering Approval Instrument in coming days following considerable collaboration and consultation with the Association and it’s Board members and in particular John Armstrong, Myles Tompkins and Ray Cronin.


AHIA Newsletter Issue 8 - Spring 2022

10 November 2022

The last few months have been particularly challenging given the frequent flooding throughout the eastern states.

Members have been providing essential support to the SES ground operations, as well direct help to flood-isolated towns, communities and individuals.

These efforts again reinforce how essential helicopter operations are in times of national need, and in assisting communities and the economy to recover.



AHIA Newsletter Issue 5 - Summer 2022

28 January 2022

Happy and Safe New Year to all; one could be forgiven to imagine the starter’s gun for the race into 2022 was full of blanks given the ongoing disruption to our lives and businesses.

However, the great positive outlook for our industry is that most sectors are dealing with the day to day logistics, and borders are opening up which will undoubtedly improve the plight of the tourism industry albeit mostly domestic for the foreseeable future.



AHIA Newsletter Issue 4 - October 2021

25 October 2021

So you want to be a pilot!

(With apologies to those who want to be an aircraft engineer)

I noticed a recent article where a number of airline pilots were interviewed and they recalled when they first decided to become a pilot. This is something as helicopter pilots, I am sure we could all do!