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The Australian helicopter industry fulfills an important daily role in community service operations impacting upon our way of life and associated aviation commercial activities that make a significant contribution to the national economy. The helicopter industry provides a career path for people from many and varied backgrounds across Australia and some establish viable and successful aviation companies.

Every year there are people, organisations and companies that do, or undertake, some extraordinary activity that reflects upon the Australian helicopter industry with distinction. There are stand-out achievements, some well-known, and some, not so well-known.
In recognition of these achievements, the Board of the Australian Helicopter Industry Association, on behalf of its members and the public they serve, has introduced a series of annual awards for helicopter industry excellence. These annual awards will be presented at the ROTORTECH Exposition 21 - 23 June in Brisbane during the AHIA Conference.

The awards will cover four helicopter industry categories:

  • Australian Helicopter LAME/AME Of The Year.
  • Australian Helicopter Pilot Of The Year.
  • Australian Helicopter Aircrew Member Of The Year.
  • Australian Helicopter Support Person Of The Year.


The selection criteria and process for each category is as follows:

  • Outstanding AHIA member candidates may be proposed and seconded by any members of the AHIA.
  • An independent aviation industry panel appointed by the AHIA Board will undertake an assessment of the various nominations and then make recommendations to the AHIA Board to consider and ratify.
  • Criteria to be considered in conjunction with award nominations for each category include, but are not limited to, the following.
  • Demonstrate a safe, positive and collaborative attitude to aviation activities and clear compliance to regulatory and company procedures.
  • Continually demonstrate a loyal commitment to their organisation/company in particular and the Australian helicopter industry in general.
  • There is widely acknowledged recognition of the positive role model portrayed to fellow employees and their particular helicopter industry activity/discipline.
  • A demonstrated ability to embrace the opportunity for further industry training/personal development to the benefit of the organisation and the individual.


Honorary AHIA Life Membership.

From time to time the AHIA Board, at their absolute discretion, will extend Honorary Life Membership of the AHIA to individuals who have readily demonstrated a strong historical and widely acknowledged contribution to the AHIA and Australia’s helicopter industry over a long time. Individuals awarded Honorary Life Membership are known positive role models for the industry, demonstrate high levels of leadership, combined with overall business and personal integrity.


(Please NOTE: Nominations can only be accepted from current financial AHIA Members and the person nominated must also be from a company that is a current financial AHIA Member.)

Nominations must be received at the AHIA no later than COB on Friday 22 April 2022.