Why join the AHIA?

So how can we help you?

Develop strong relationships with government departments and ministers to promote our industry.
Facilitate post graduate training both operational and management with the aim of reducing
operating costs.
Share knowledge to enable pilots, engineers, operators and clients to implement best practice systems.
Rapid dissemination of proposed legislative changes, and advice to CASA and ATSB on issues and
proposed changes.

Media activity. Four streams of information will be provided:

AHIA e-news. Usually several times each month depending on current events existing at a particular time. This service is designed to provide urgent news items which may require an immediate action by an AHIA member. For example, late notification from the regulator of a survey or other safety-related operational issues.

Rotortech 2016 e-updates. The inaugural AHIA Rotortech event was run in 2014. It was considered to be a great success. Due to the need to promote exhibitors, sponsors and encourage delegates to enjoy all the facilities provided at the venue, a standalone newsletter will be

provided to publicize the event. It will be fortnightly, depending of the nature of any current news items. Free advertising is provided to sponsors and exhibitors.

Helicopters Australasia. Aviation Trader, our Founding Corporate Media Sponsor, has provided their glossy magazine, “Airwaves”, for three & a half years as our Official Organ However; due commercial reasons this arrangement ceased in February 2016. Cranford Publications Pty Ltd,

also a media sponsor, will take on the role as the Association’s official organ. Distributed monthly, this facility will update on AHIA matters and also provide extensive business analysis reports as required by industry. Advertising is will be permitted, and online business directories are being developed for sale.

www.bladeslapper.com. The owners of this internet forum service have generously made available access to their online forums. Contributors can register and enjoy the company of like- minded people, and exchange information and debate contentious issues. An advertising capability is available within this facility. See website above.

Long term value to our members.

Pilots/LAME’s/AME’s. Provide career information as requirements change. Provision of working groups to the regulator and other government agencies as required. For example, at present the Association is very involved with the Part 61 Solutions Taskforce which is reviewing the difficulties industry has encountered with the new flight crew licensing rules.

AOC companies. Provide technical information to CASA to assist with the development of advanced legislation associated with business and high-risk activities; for example, performance categories of multiengine helicopters and associated limitations.

AHIA annual membership fees are:

• Concession - student/apprentice/retiree - $55
• Individual membership - $110
• Non AOC companies (suppliers) - $330
• AOC Certificate holders - $550

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